A few months back, a new business appeared in my small Oregon town. Its shelves were packed with tinctures, jars of salve, coffee beans, bath bombs — even beard oil. This variety collection shared important ingredient: CBD. Produced by the cannabis plant, CBD is the straitlaced cousin of marijuana’s more famous ingredient ,the THC that […]

Treating Heroin And Cocaine Addiction With Medical Marijuana

Treating Heroin And Cocaine Addiction With Medical Marijuana The popularity of medical marijuana over the last several years has spurred renewed interest in using it to treat other forms of addiction such as heroin and cocaine. Since heroin and cocaine are two highly addictive substances that are wreaking havoc all over the country, medical marijuana […]

Ed Rosenthal, Legendary California Marijuana Grower & Activist Endorses MCLR – The Marijuana Control, Legalization & Revenue Act Initiative and Opposes AUMA – The Adult Use of Marijuana Act Based on Major Flaws

10/6/18   MCLR 2016 – Written by People Like You 10/6/18 The latest FDA announcement drives home the alleged unproven statistics on deaths from kratom. While there are thousands of former opiate users who say without kratom they would have been dead from opioid abuse. Fraudulent health claims can pose serious health risks. They may keep […]