Treating Heroin And Cocaine Addiction With Medical Marijuana

Treating Heroin And Cocaine Addiction With Medical Marijuana

The popularity of medical marijuana over the last several years has spurred renewed interest in using it to treat other forms of addiction such as heroin and cocaine. Since heroin and cocaine are two highly addictive substances that are wreaking havoc all over the country, medical marijuana is now seen as a way to ween people off these potent drugs.

One of the major reasons why doctors and health practitioners believe medical marijuana could be used to treat those who are addicted to cocaine and heroin is it can help calm people down as they come off the dangerously addictive drugs. As anyone who has ever gone through withdrawals, they can tell you how much of a nightmare it is. In fact, many users of cocaine and heroin forgo getting help for their addiction is because the withdrawals are so agonizing.

There are varying studies out there today suggesting medical marijuana has curing properties. Although there are differing opinions as to the overall effectiveness of the drug when treating medical conditions, the main thing here is that it can help relieve the anxiety as the patient tries to kick the heroin and cocaine habit.

Some people might say that you are just substituting one addiction for another, but so far nobody has ever died from marijuana. Cocaine and heroin, on the other hand, produces many deaths every day all over the world due to its potency, plus you never know what type of fillers are added to these drugs. Medical marijuana is licensed by the state and has to go through a rigorous testing process before it can be approved.

Growers must apply for a license and the industry is also highly regulated. In other words, you can feel much safer buying from licensed growers because they don’t add anything to the marijuana such as harmful pesticides that would cause a person to get sick.

Medical marijuana can be grown to different potency levels which can help the addicted ween off drugs altogether. Or they can continue on a program of medical marijuana to help them relax. Anyone who has been or is addicted to cocaine and heroin must initially find something to help calm them down as they go through withdrawals to help with heroin treatment. It is also a lifestyle change when you give up those drugs, so many doctors believe that substituting medical marijuana for cocaine and heroin can mimic the good feeling of taking the drugs but in a much healthier way.

Nobody knows for certain how medical marijuana can treat other addictions since there are now plenty of ongoing studies. But one thing we do know is that it is far less dangerous than being addicted to heroin and cocaine.

There is a lot of ongoing studies today where you can participate in medical marijuana programs if you have a terrible addiction problem. The hardest thing is making that decision to get help, but just knowing that you can do it in a safe manner with regulated marijuana may be enough for the addicted person to want to quit. Even though the high is not the same, medical marijuana can be potent enough where the user can experience happiness as they ween off the bad stuff.

Getting off drugs is no easy task and it requires a lot of mental toughness and the willingness to see it through. It may be the most difficult thing you do in your life, but the alternative to that is no life at all. At least trying the medical marijuana approach gives hope to so many out there who are heavily into the heavy drugs.

Think about what you have to go through in order to get heroin or cocaine and the dangers it poses to your safety and health. At least with marijuana bought at a licensed medical clinic, you are not risking your safety and health. Plus there are many forms of medical marijuana aside from smoking it which causes damage to your lungs. Try edibles if you don’t prefer to smoke, or get yourself a vaping kit that is healthier than smoking to help with quitting drugs .

There is never an easy solution when quitting hard drugs, but hopefully with new studies out it can show that medical marijuana is a safe alternative that can help people kick their very dangerous habit.

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