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  • Eran’s background in CBVD and how he came to start urbanXtracts
  • An inside look at urbanXtracts and what the company offers as a seed-to-sale CBD service provider
  • How urbanXtracts was awarded licenses to grow and process hemp in New York
  • Why Eran chooses to work with contract farmers instead of growing his own plants
  • How urbanXtracts is converting a former prison into an CBD oil extraction facility where the company will help in providing jobs to residents of Warwick, NY
  • The types of products urbanXtracts provides, including raw materials, crude CBD oil oil, and isolates
  • Eran’s philosophy behind his company’s collaborative, WeWork-style environment
  • Where urbanXtracts currently is in the capital-raising process
  • How Eran sees the CBD oil market evolving over the next 3-5 years

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Fentanyl Mixes: The Deadly Combinations

New synthetic opioids have been held responsible for the surge in overdose deaths in the recent years. Fentanyl is 50-100 times stronger than morphine and is mixed with other drugs for potency but when too much is added the dose becomes lethal. Not only are we seeing Fentanyl mixed with street opioids like heroin, but now we are seeing cocaine and Fentanyl overdoses.

Opioids when taken in overdose amounts result in death from the lack of oxygen to the brain. Opioids can also slow or stop the heart, the individual will have slowed or stopped breathing and usually will go unconscious. Fentanyl has been found in mixtures of heroin, cocaine, and even in counterfeit made prescription benzos, in order to look like Xanax. All of these various mixtures have turned lethal for many users.

Risk Factors of Overdose:

Low Tolerance: If the person using the drugs is not an experienced drug user, tolerance is often low. This can be a huge risk factor for overdose, if the individual does not know how much they should consume in order to feel an effect, then they can easily overdose.

Relapse: After spending time in abstinence from any drugs, the individual’s tolerance is low, so when an individual uses more drugs than the body can handle overdose is a result. Many of those who have gotten sober have used one time in a state of relapse and died. It is especially heartbreaking when someone who wants to get sober and stop using drugs ends up overdosing and dying.

Mixing Drugs: Mixing substances is never a good idea, but so many overdose deaths can be attributed to the combination of multiple drugs. In more recent months we have seen a surge in overdose deaths from the combo of cocaine and Fentanyl. Drinking on many various drugs can result in overdose, and mixing benzos with opioids is also never a good idea.

*When drug dealers mix the substances with a cut (commonly seen when dealing with heroin or cocaine), a new common practice is to use Fentanyl to make their product more potent. These drug dealers are not using their own product. Often drugs are released on to the streets without knowing their potency until it is too late and the drug has claimed lives.

Street Drugs: These drugs that are not FDA approved are always going to be more dangerous than prescription painkillers because no one really knows all the ingredients that go into most street drugs.

Counterfeit Prescription Pills: There have been a number of reports that people have thought they were taking the commonly abused prescription medication under the brand name of Xanax, when they were taking a fake pill that contained the deadly synthetic opioid Fentanyl.

Methods of Delivery: Certain methods for using drugs are more dangerous than others. Injecting and snorting the drugs is more deadly than other methods of use such as swallowing the substance.

Preventing Fentanyl Overdose

Seeking treatment for opioid abuse and addiction. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug that is often sold as heroin on the street. More commonly there have been many cases in which Fentanyl is sold as heroin. It is not discovered it is actually mostly Fentanyl until the mix becomes deadly, and when tested actually shows more traces of Fentanyl over the heroin cut.

MAT is a common treatment form for those who are addicted to opioid based drugs. Medication Assisted Treatment has been proven significantly more successful than traditional treatment methods because the medication blocks cravings while therapy is implemented. The scary part of Fentanyl is traces of the drug has been found in all the commonly abused drugs. The best way to prevent a Fentanyl overdose is to abstain from all drugs. Drug addiction is a disease and with the proper treatment care healing is possible. For more information on Stepping Sober’s Treatment Options and Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Treatment Program for drug addiction and treatment call us anytime: (800) 518-5205.