Kratom In The News



The legality and use of kratom has been a major news item in the recent few months. Much has been said about kratom and there is some uncertainty in the air about what the future of this plant. Kratom has been seen by some people as the cure to the opioid addiction epidemic and these people have the view that if the continued banning of this substance we will lose more people to opioid addiction and deaths.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of this substance over the years.  Mitragyna speciosa is indigenous in South East Asia where it has been used for years to treat pains and other medicinal uses. Over the last few years, maeng da has spread over the world and it is now been mixed with other substances. The proponents of kratom for opiate withdrawal , argue that it has benefits such as stopping opioids addiction, providing relaxation, reducing depression among a host of other benefits. The opponents, who are mainly the authorities claim that  Mitragyna speciosa has no proven positive benefits and it can even have negative side effects such as nausea. These two warring factions make for a lot of kratom news every other day.
One major dosage for kratom capsules news item that has been featured many times is the health warning that was issued by Michigan health officials. The warning was to prevent people from using any products that contain Mitragyna speciosa  due to an recent outbreak of Salmonella. It was reported that more than 30 people were affected by this bacterial infection and they are receiving medical attention. It was reported that the infections were as a result of consuming herbal products in various forms. This type of infections are however common and are characterized by pain in the abdomen but there are is no danger of extreme complications or fatality.
In other news making headlines in the kratom world, the FDA released a report on this substance. It is important to note that the authorities have always been against Mitragyna speciosa and they made this clear back in 2016 by refusing to make kratom a schedule 1 substance. The FDA has now come out to claiming that kratom is as deadly as opioids and that it has no effect in curing the opioids addiction. These claims come amidst continued campaigns by kratom lobby groups to remove the ban on kratom in the areas where it has been banned. This new report by the FDA might be the last nail on the coffin of Mitragyna speciosa use and it is precedented that more bans might ensue.
Continued research on kratom should be encouraged to dispel all the misinformation and the myths surrounding this substance. It remains to be seen what will happen over the next few weeks following the FDA’s decisions to recall products with kava and the Salmonella outbreaks. More people are also coming out and reporting how the substance has helped them in various ways. If more bans are imposed it may mean that an unregulated  black market may emerge since there is a significant number of people who swear by this product.